Bijal Dodhia

Bijal could be called one of the first IT geeks.  His interest in computers was started back in the days before Windows and PCs.  He even worked as a Windows 3 tester before it was made available to the public.  He is, none the less, very approachable, down to earth and speaks in words we can all understand.

Interesting past experiences

He has worked as a Systems programmer / designer for many well known companies ie Deloitte, Provident Mutual (part of Aviva).

He has also run his own company and worked on IT projects with Woolwich BS, Safestore, Delancey & Verve Pictures.

Bijal and Inspira

Bijal  has helped set up and optimise our use of IT in Inspira.  He continues to look at ways we can improve our IT systems as well as how these can be utilised by our clients.  Inspira acts as a guinea pig for many projects.


The other side to Bijal, apart from his family, is a musical one as he has not only promoted and managed Indie rock bands in the past but also owned several small record labels.