Jeanie Roberton

Jeanie is a doer, practical, logical, loves problem solving and has great stickability. She adores IT, having used it almost since its inception in the mid 80’s.

Interesting past experiences

Jeanie has had a varied career, starting in the holiday and travel industry working in outdoor adventure centres as a riding instructor and ski resort rep. For 20 years Jeanie ran her own business offering administrative support to small businesses, charities and local education with the emphasis on bookkeeping, setting up financial and IT operational systems.

She returned to higher education in 2008, gaining an MBA from Aston University. This gave her the opportunity to develop a theoretical background to her practical skills. Jeanie is also an NVQ assessor for the Level 3 diploma in administration and is an Associate of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

Jeanie and Inspira

Her responsibilities include operations and management of staff resources at Inspira whilst managing client accounts, either personally or by overseeing other members of staff. Now a director and shareholder of Inspira, she works closely with Sue to develop Inspira’s work and promote its ethos internally and externally. She has a special interest in the use of IT in companies.


Jeanie continues her interest in many outdoor pursuits – riding, skiing and sailing, both big boats and dinghies. Having passed her test many years ago Jeanie has bought a motorbike, following a recent trip in the USA on a Harley.