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August 2, 2016

Building a better business information pack – the benefits for your company

measuring performance: business paper folders, stats and budget documents

Knowledge is power, as the famous saying goes. And having access to quality information about your business gives your company a real edge when you’re making big decisions about your future direction.

But are you really in control of your business information management and the reporting/forecasting packs that you and your management team get each month?

And is the working relationship with your bookkeeper delivering more than just the financial basics and going the extra mile?

At Inspira, we believe you need a bookkeeper who’s also a trusted business adviser – a true partner who gives you the information you need, but who also understands exactly what makes your company tick.

In short, you need someone who knows the real narrative behind you business.

Understand your own business

To really lead from the front, you need to understand your business. That means having a clear handle on your key goals, your timescales for success and how your internal finances work to deliver on these goals.

This is where having a top-notch business information pack comes in. As a management team, what you and your colleagues need is an objective view of your numbers, your key performance indicators (KPIs) and an overriding view of your performance as a whole.

A basic bookkeeper does the data entry and gives you all the fundamental numbers. They tick the boxes, but no more than that.

But a great bookkeeper works with you to deliver a whole lot more value for your management information packs. They ask questions, they get to know you and they give you genuine business advice that drives the course of your strategy.

It’s about producing relevant information that will help you perform better as a management team, and giving you the right overview of how well (or not) you’re meeting your goals.

Knowing what information adds the most value

What we do at Inspira is help you to define the information, metrics and KPIs that really matter for you. And we do that by really getting under the skin of your enterprise.

Every business has a different agenda and a different set of data that needs to be reflected in its information pack. It could be that you’re looking to grow the company, or it could be that you’re looking to franchise our your business idea, or even sell the whole enterprise.

We help you pinpoint the right objectives and measures by getting to know you and your business inside out. We’re in constant contact with our clients and have a strong focus on building a great relationship and asking the right questions.

With a focus on the right numbers, and the support of your trusted adviser, you’re in good place to start getting proactive.

What gets measured, gets done

There’s a truism that if you measure something then it gets done more effectively. And this is extremely relevant to the management and evolution of your business.

The key is to focus on the information that will truly make a difference. Be clear about what you’re measuring and why you’re measuring it. For example, if you’re running a restaurant business it’s more important to analyse your table turnaround numbers than the number of covers you’ve completed each sitting. Table turnaround is what drives your profit – the more customers you get in through the door, and the quicker you turn them around, the more income you’re generating.

It’s also important to think about how you want your business information presented.

Some people love numbers; some people prefer a more visual, graphical approach. It’s about what resonates most with you and your management team – if colourful charts and clear, simple graphs have more impact then that’s what should be in your management pack.

Remember, your business information pack is there to help you understand your business and give the right level of insight. And that’s why, at Inspira, we always tailor our packs so they’re bespoke for each and every client.

A beneficial relationship with a trusted adviser

Working with an adviser who can help you tailor and enhance your management information pack brings a whole raft of benefits.

When you’ve got a great collaborative relationship with your business adviser, your reporting becomes more proactive, and a whole lot more useful! We make sure you’re clear on your objectives and KPIs, and work with you to keep them updated and relevant as your goals change over time.

We also make sure your business pack remains flexible at all times. The foundations must be strong, but real fluidity is needed to make sure your information can bend, flex and grow as new opportunities in the business come along. What you track and measure will inevitably change over time – and that’s why a close relationship, and shared conversations around objectives, becomes so important.

Talk to us about revolutionising your business information management

At Inspira, we don’t just supply your numbers. We’re about building a relationship with you as people and as a business, and understanding what makes you different as a company.

Once we have this clear understanding of what drives your business, and the numbers that matter to you, we can work with you and start measuring and tracking these points – and putting them into a management information pack that delivers.

We work with you to spot trends in your business information in advance, so you’re always in control and have the right data at your fingertips. We work alongside you as your trusted adviser, always with your best interests at heart – and that helps you make the right choices for your business.

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