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June 10, 2015

Flexibility Works


The world of work is changing. The idea of flexible working is no longer a pipedream but a reality for many. However, according to a survey, just a quarter of new job adverts make it clear whether reduced hours or flexible working patterns are offered.

In today’s post-recession market, employers are fighting harder to attract people with the right level of skills and experience. Flexible working is increasingly being seen as a vital part of the employment package, like pay and bonus schemes, to attract top talent.

And yet, many businesses keep their cards close to their chest about flexible working and are risking missing out on the best candidates.

View from Inspira

At Inspira, we practice what we preach and flexible working is at the heart of our business. Founder and managing director Sue Higgins launched the business in 2003, when her son Joe was just two years old.

It wasn’t easy starting a new business while juggling the demands of bringing up a young child but from day one, Sue was determined to achieve a better work/life balance for herself and for her staff.

Sue understood only too well the challenge of achieving a good work/life balance and the demands of looking after a family. She recruited parents like herself from the school playground – experienced professionals who had left demanding jobs because they couldn’t make it work around family life, the school run and the long school holidays.

From day one, Sue worked hard to create a flexible and supportive culture throughout the business. She leads by example, often leaving work early to spend time with her son, working around sports days and school performances and encourages her team to do exactly the same. Employees can work from home whenever they need to.

Sue explains: “Offering flexible working structure represents the ultimate win-win for businesses. We attract highly experienced, professional staff members that are committed and loyal and have a vested interest in ensuring that flexibility works for them, for Inspira and for our clients.

“Unfortunately this is still a challenge for many businesses, despite recent legislation entitling all employees to request flexible working. My message to them is that working fewer hours does not necessarily mean that staff members are any less committed. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. It’s high time more employees were judged on the quality of their output and their achievements rather than the number of hours they clock up each week.”

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