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April 28, 2011

Going Green at Work

Environmentally friendly practices are changing working habits

Measures to reduce carbon footprints in offices are having a major impact on the administrate practices in small businesses.

Toshiba Tec questioned 800 office workers and found that 57 per cent of them now think twice before printing out documents, while 25 per cent of workers were only printing more if their printing was carbon-free.

Implementing environment saving measures in your office can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and in many instances, save money too. But it’s always difficult balancing these measures with the needs of the business. While your staff might be concerned about the environment, nearly half of them still prefer to print out important emails and documents.

It can help to have a clear company printing and recycling policy to ensure a clear way of working, and here are some simple ways
• Encourage all paper to be recycled which can help if things are being unnecessarily printed
• Set printers to ‘Fast Draft’ settings, which use less energy and ink and are perfect for printing out emails or notes to read
• Make colour printing a luxury, not a standard part of daily practice
• Train staff to use double-sided printing as standard
• Encourage sharing of certain handouts or notes in internal meetings
• Card and pin-based printing with capped daily amounts can help staff and colleagues to think twice about what needs printing, and reduce your costs

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