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November 1, 2013

National Bookkeeping Week

The first National Bookkeeping Week is being launched by the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) in collaboration with the Government and will fall on 4-8th November 2013.

According to John Thompson writing for the Guardian on Wednesday, 02 October, the main reason why small businesses fail lies with poor cash flow.  A company could be fundamentally sound, but it will “crash and burn” through poor cash management. [Read the full article here]

According to the Federation of Small Business’ (FSB) Survey 2012, 66% of businesses highlighted “business growth” as their main objective for the upcoming financial year and the majority of these cited poor cash flow as one of the main barriers to achieving this growth. Knowing your how your cash is flowing is vital as you will be able to identify areas where you could cut back or how much you need to put aside for the yearly expenses that can’t be avoided like pay roll and fixed utilities.

Using a Bookkeeper and/or an Account package will give you clarity about HOW you spend your money. Good bookkeeping will track your spending and income in real time allowing you to make informed choices about the finances of your business. This will help you anticipate for any late payments that so many businesses have to deal withed. A qualified bookkeeper will help you to make sense of your finances and ultimately enable you to move your business forward.

It will launch at the at Her Majesty’s Treasury in London on Monday with breakfast meetings in Birmingham, Glasgow, Bath and Brighton during the week. There will also be daily webinars available at, covering the following topics:

Cashflow by Intuit – Monday
Insolvency & business rescue help by FA Simms & Partners – Tuesday
Cloud by Sage – Wednesday
AML by ICB Global – Thursday

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