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October 14, 2013

National Minimum Wage Rate from 1 October 2013

The National Minimum Wage rate has increased from 1 October 2013. This means you will need to ensure you pay your employees at least the following hourly rates in accordance with their age:
•       21+: £6.31
•       18-20: £5.03
•       Under 18: £3.72
•       Apprentice: £2.68*
*This rate is for apprentices under 19, or those in their first year of apprenticeship. If the apprentice is 19 or over and past their first year, they get the rate that applies to their age. For more information check out this link.

It makes no difference to a worker’s entitlement to the national minimum wage whether they work for you full time or part time, or whether they are an agency worker, a temporary or casual worker, a piece worker or a home worker.

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