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December 24, 2010

The cold snap

As the freezing weather bites back again, small businesses are calling for better transparency from utilities companies

The Forum of Private Business has announced that nearly all small businesses it surveyed recently wanted utilities companies who rollover their contracts automatically.

The survery of 6,000 small businesses found that you wanted more protection from energy suppliers who hike up prices, renew contracts and change things without your knowledge.
Nearly 70% of you believe it is difficult to keep track of contract anniversaries, and even more said they wanted a reminder of the contract end date added to their bills.

“Keeping track of things like utilites can seem like a mundane part of your day to day business,” says Inspira managing director Sue Higgins. “But in times of financial austerity, savvy decisions about the basics in your office can make a lot of difference. Make sure you check prices of your supplier against those of competitors, and always ask if there’s something more they can offer you. Look at the savings you could make if you move, and what your current supplier is prepared to do to keep you. This doesn’t even just apply to gas, water and electrcity companies; look at the people who supply your stationery, your post deliveries, your office furniture and your IT support. It always pays to see if you can do better.”

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