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October 29, 2010

Top Tips for successful team development

Are you looking to the future? Whether you’re looking to take your business to the next stage of growth, or if you just want to maintain your existing size, then here’s our fifth and final tip for business success.

Get your team onside – develop a harmonious, focused workplace where everyone is pushing towards the same goal.

Take The Time

Once you’re clear what your goals are, you need to engage your team to get them to help you implement it.  This is a really crucial time, it’s important to give it due consideration as, depending on where you are in your business and with your team, this is where things can go really wrong.

Involve Your Team Throughout The Process

Consider how your team will feel about your ideas. Get them involved at an early enough stage so they feel some responsibility for delivering it, and ensure you have thought through the implications for them.

Create A Plan That Suits The Way They Work, And Their Own Goals

For example, what does success look like for them?  This is the main stumbling block for organisations, whether it’s about letting go and delegating effectively or facilitating a team session to present your plan so consider getting some help if it’s new ground for you.

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