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November 3, 2010

Tube strikes and bad weather could cost businesses millions

Transport strikes and bad weather can have a serious effect on your business as many staff members may refuse to come into work, arrive late or ask to work from home.

Managing a situation when a large amount of your workforce may be absent is a challenge. You want to get the balance between being a fair employer and being realistic about what can actually be achieved if people are away, or remote working.

How to make remote working work for you and your team

  • Pre-empt strikes or weather issues by having planned processes in place for such event
  • Consider hosted email solutions, means staff can access email from home
  • Blackberries for directorial or management staff can help people work from trains or cafes
  • Morning telephone conference calls or briefings can help set the structure for the day if your team is working from different locations
  • Set targets and deadlines for any staff working from home, to ensure you aren’t losing time or business
  • If it is harder for some work to be done away from the office encourage employees to do ‘spring cleaning’ and other jobs that usually fall to the bottom of the list
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